Wednesday, 7 November 2012

SBR600 | .1 Presentation

So Today's the presentation day of my .1 milestone. I am very excited to tell the class on my progress. I am slightly disappointed that I slacked a bit on talking to Chris Tyler on getting my hands on hardware, but alas its been done now and my remote access is on the way! I hope to get my package compiled and sent into fedora for review by the .2 milestone! I have also left my presentation on the bottom of this post for anyone that's interested!

I am going to be working on a TrimSlice until the school gets their hands on a board that has a Mali GPU. The trim slice is going to be exciting to work with. I have been thinking of getting one myself as a media server for the house. It has top of line hardware for it's class, sporting a Tegra 2 chip alike the Asus transformers!

.1 Presentation

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